Wednesday September 6th, 20th, & 27th 7-9pm

​Unity Tavares - 1410 East Alfred Street Tavares, FL 32778

​Refer a friend and get a FREE herbal gift upon class arrival! 

Wednesday August 16th, 23rd, & 30th 7-9pm

​Unity Tavares - 1410 East Alfred Street Tavares, FL 32778

​Refer a friend and get a FREE herbal gift upon class arrival! 

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Herb & Drug Interactions

Herbs for Massage Therapists

Natural Pain Relief

Herbs & Hydrotherapy Treatments

World Roots

Herbal First Aid​​

Herbal Aphrodisiacs

Functional Foods

Introduction to Medicinal Herbs​​

Herbal Detectives: Decoding the Language of Plants

St. John's Wort: Taking Charge of Your Health

Would you like to enhance your dining experience by learning about the medicinal properties of culinary herbs and other kitchen foods? In this two-part course, we will cover the healing benefits of many familiar spices, fruits, vegetables, grains, fats, and sweeteners already in your home. Taste samples and simple recipes included. 

4 Hours


CLASS 1: Healing Spices

​CLASS 2: Doctrine of Signatures, Healing Foods, Good Oils, Healthy Sweeteners 

Herbs for Winter Wellness 

Healing from the Kitchen Cupboard​​

In this experiential, hands on class aimed at pleasing the senses, you will sample and learn how to easily create homemade, healthy alternatives to some of life's favorite sinful indulgences: 

* Herbal Sodas

* Herbal Coffee Substitute

* Herbal Flavored Waters

* Non-alcoholic "fun" beverages

* Kombucha

* Natural Sugar Substitutes

* Herbal Smoking Alternatives

Recipes and samples included

2 Hours

The Herbal Happy Hour

Spend the afternoon indulging the senses in blissful delights!  Learn how to make your own tantalizing, exotic concoctions while exploring different herbs, including chocolate, to stimulate both your palate and mind. 

Sample and learn to make your own:

*Tantalizing cordials

*Aphrodisiac Herb Balls

* Mouthwatering - Medicinal Raw Chocolates

*Sensuous Herb Infused Honey

* Chocolate Body Paint

*Natural Lubricants and Erotic Edibles

4 hours

Learn to apply natural alternatives for managing pain using a variety of medicinal herbs, internally and externally, accompanied by easy massage and hydrotherapy techniques you can do at home. 

​2 Hours

*Echinacea: GR. Echinos, a hedgehog - flower  resembles a hedgehog

A journey into the etymology of herbalism. All sciences are written in a foreign language. You will learn the history and logic on how to decipher names of some on the most commonly used herbs, and get a brief taste of the fundamental principles upon which the herbal sciences are based. Once you understand the language, you will begin to see your favorite herbal allies in a whole new light.

​1 Hour

This very important topic will help to educate both consumers and health care providers on the safety of concurrent usage of drugs and herbs. Learn how and why some work well together and others may cause harm.

2 hours

In an effort to understand any confusion around drug-herb interactions, this class will focus on St. John's Wort's metabolic pathway and amazing healing abilities, while presenting the most up to date current research on the subject. 

Especially useful for pharmacists, nurses, physicians, and health practitioners. 

2 Hours

Learn about the traditional, scientific, and energetic nature of various roots from around the world that have been exalted in their respective cultures: Maca, Ashwaganda, Nettle Roots, Solomon's Seal, Shatavari, Eleuthro, and Muria Puama.

1 hour

Hydrotherapy is the therapeutic use of water in its various forms-solid, liquid and vapor - at various temperatures, for therapeutic purposes. In this class, you will learn hydrotherapy techniques, and how to incorporate herbal treatments for home or clinical use. 

3 Hours

In this informative, two part class, learn how to make medicinal oils, salves, and lotions from a wide variety of herbs. We will thoroughly review how and why these particular plants are recommended. Participate in making a salve to bring home for use in your own practice. 

4 Hours

From healing salves to soothing plants right off the garden path, join a clinical herbalist as she discusses her favorite herbal remedies for first aid and demonstrates how you can make your own first aid kit right at home using common garden weeds, garden plants, and everyday kitchen ingredients. Prepare to be empowered to care for  your family and friends the herbal way!

​2 Hours

Did you know that research has proven that many of the common foods we eat have medicinal properties? In this three-part course, we will talk about the clinical uses of a variety of foods, and how to help prevent disease and promote health through diet. Topics range from healthy fats to fermented foods. Taste samples included weekly. 

6 Hours


CLASS 1: Probiotics, Good Oils, Nuts & Seeds

CLASS 2: Garlic & Onions, Veggies, Seaweeds & Mushrooms

CLASS 3: Fruits, Chocolate, Red Wine, Green Tea & Vinegars


What are medicinal herbs? How can they make your life better? You will learn in this three-part introductory course the basics, traditions, and science of herbal medicine, medicine making and their diverse applications. Several herbal monographs on medicinal herbs will be presented each week.

6 Hours


​CLASS 1: What are Herbs? How are Herbs Taken? Monograph: Echinacea

​CLASS 2: Evidence, Monographs: Milk Thistle, Garlic, Turmeric

CLASS 3: Monographs: Chamomile, Ginseng, Ginkgo, Valerian


In this three part class, learn about the natural, traditional, and scientific uses of healing foods and herbs that boost immunity and support body, mind, and spirit well-being. Taste and sample exciting recipes you can easily make at home! 

CLASS 1: Natural Immune Support

CLASS 2: Natural Support for Colds and Flus

CLASS 3: Natural Support for Seasonal Depression

6 Hours

Wednesday August 2nd & 9th 7-9pm

​Unity Tavares - 1410 East Alfred Street Tavares, FL 32778

​Refer a friend and get a FREE herbal gift upon class arrival! 

Natural Health & Wellness Classes

Supporting local agriculture and herbalism